Boeing 737 EDF

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What do you do when your seven-year old son sees you designing and building models, and wants you to do one for him. Of course you then ask just what sort of thing he’d like, and he mentions QANTAS…. Ok, so that means that a simple trainer is out, but does it have to be THAT complicated?

Of course it does, and he is after all, your son. So you agree.

Well here it is.

Designed for twin 70mm EDF, this model looks great and is still pretty simple to build.

Wingspan – 1360mm
Length – 1500mm
Power – 2 x 70mm EDF
Weight 2.5 – 3.5kg

B737 Construction notes 3.75Mb  Click to download


Laser-cut short kits are available.
$125.00 plus postage.
Plans (2 sheets) $30 rolled.
Just email us for details.

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